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Pedro asked for art to be brought into his room at hospital , he was confident that with patience and courage he could beat his illness and he wished for colour and beauty to surround him. He felt he needed plenty of good energy to psychologically speed up the process of healing. 

Sadly he lost the battle so soon ....Pedro died on the 30 th of September in Sydney....far from his home country Portugal. 

But he was not alone and we heard him and founded the private initiative Art@Hospital to honour his last wish.

Many patients as well as their families and medical staff spend long hours ,if not days and weeks surrounded by sad empty white walls in hospitals and other health facilities, Art@Hospital is changing this aspect slowly but surely by steadily giving donated artworks to 2 or 3 projects each year. Each hospital has received approximately 200 artworks and in the past five years ,we have made an impressive impact on the lives of many patients as well as medical staff by changing their direct environment in a positive way. Colourful art , painted especially for Art@Hospital by deeply caring artists are now gracing the walls of many corridors, waiting rooms, consultation rooms , chemotherapy rooms etc. You enter a hospital and already at the entrance you will see artworks greeting patient aptly remarked " it takes away the fear".

Please see in 'Achieved so far' all the projects undertaken in the past years.

In 2016 Art@Hospital was embraced by the White Feather Foundation ,founded by Julian Lennon, we joined forces to reach out to the international community. Art@Hospital has its main activity in Buenos Aires and surroundings, via the WFF we are hopeful that the idea of Art@Hospital will carry far and that many more will follow suit in their hometowns and home countries. 

Art transpires without frontiers and may the story behind this initiative inspire many to join us painting with love for those who need it most.

Pedro's wish

Art@Hospital is honouring the last wish of Pedro Oliveira, who tragically passed away far too young, suffering from the most aggressive form of Leukemia. It took only five days from the first diagnosis until his death, he was 31 years old .

He was very much loved and cherished by many, Art@Hospital pays tribute to his short life .

The art@hospital initiative
the story behind it:
In loving memory , Pedro Oliveira
25 th of July 1980 - 30 th of September 2011
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