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Candelaria Vilar is a young Argentine artist living in the interior of the country , her gallery invited her to participate at the first art@hospital initiative for the Alexander Fleming institute. She became familiar with the idea and concept of what art@hospital is about and felt so inspired that she asked us if she could just do the same in her town, Gral Villegas. WE corresponded and she went on to obtain permits and find fellow artists to realize her project.
Finally at the end of last year she inaugurated with much pride and emotion the hospital she decorated in the name of art@hospital, Aderid is a day place for handicapped children, Down's Syndrom as well as cerebral palsy. She told us that this was a unique experience that brought together the whole village.
WE thank Candelaria and the many artists that have participated and hope she inspires many more to take art@hospital into their own hands

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