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Many hospitals all over the world lack funds to decorate their wards and rooms with artwork, art@hospital kindly asks artists worldwide to please get together and to donate art to their favourite hospital close by wherever you may be.

Ateliers, schools, Sunday painters, accomplished artists, young and old, famous or novice, people who just would like to offer artworks from their home , you are all most welcome to donate.

We actually started in Buenos Aires and Sydney, where Pedro died but we hope that initiative will eventually reach to all corners of the world and will make hospitals a friendlier and more colourful place.

If you are an artist and would like to donate a work or works of art, please get in touch with either or all of us. | |

We would be needing large pieces for hallways and public places in the hospital. Individual rooms can use any size. Artworks should be colourful and vibrant, if you wish you can put text into your work, it might comfort patients, inspire them, give them hope and strength to face their plight.


Anything that impacts positively on those large white walls will make the place a more bearable one.
Of course all artist are invited to view the final effect. 
Artists and their work will feature on our dedicated Facebook Page "art at hospital international"

We thank you from the bottom of our heart for your generosity!

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